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    Rampage V Extreme - CPU Socket Problems

    Hi everyone!

    Long time reader, first time poster and unfortunately my first post isnt good news.

    I've had a Rampage V Extreme for as long as I can remember and over the past couple of days, I decided to throw my i7-6800k onto the board and do some testing/overclocking of some Corsair CMW16GX4M2C3200OC Ram (2 sets of 2x8) trying to get quad channel working as it wasnt working on my X909 Strix either (thats still an issue too).

    So I put the processor in the slot, put my H100i V2 cooler on and set everything up.

    Time comes to start the system and it was only detecting 3 of the 4 DIMMs.

    Tried updating the BIOS and then it detected 2 of the 4 DIMMS.

    It got to the point last night that I was down to only 1 DIMM being detected, no matter which stick of ram I put in the system.


    After work tonight I decided to pull the board out of my case and take the processor off to discover I had bent a couple of pins somehow.

    I grabbed a magnifying glass and had a look, the pins were somehow bent back the opposite way to how they should be orientated.

    With a toothpick, I gently bent the first one back, no problems,

    But then the second one didnt go so well and as I was moving the pin back into its correct orientation, it broke off

    I'm pretty pissed off with myself to say the least.

    So my question to ASUS is - Do you repair boards? This thing was super expensve and I'd really like to have this one in my system.

    Happy to take some photo's if required/pay for shipping etc.

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