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    Quote Originally Posted by tap002 View Post
    All those error codes make me leery, don't know what to tell you. The ATK package you should be able to uninstall and reinstall, (ASUS Keyboard hotkeys Driver V2.0.2.0) Asus keyboard hotkeys driver V2.0.2.0 is your ATK you want to install!!! When you run the exe it should ask if you want to uninstall if it is already installed if not it should just install.
    Prior to Asus Utility AuraService_v3.02.23_4_7 there were three pieces of software for the keyboard: The store app; Aura Lighting Service and ("ROG Aura Core Component" no longer available on the support page). Using your esupport folder the location for Aura Lighting Service' and "ROG Aura Core Component" should be C: esupport/edriver/software/Win32App/Asus/ see if you have "ROG Aura Core Component" if you do uninstall everything and start again, installing ATK first.
    1. Go to MS store to install the latest version of ROG Aura Core.
    2. Download and double click the Setup.exe to install the Aura Core Component app.
    3. Download and run install.bat as administrator to install the Aura Lighting Service app.
    Make sure you right click and run as administrator on the install.bat file to install the lighting service (AuraService_v3.02.23_4_7)
    p.s I'm currently running the old lighting service because the version v3.02.23_4_7 splashes files on my C: drive and I have ocd for that kind of thing.
    give me a couple of minutes and I'll upload and give you a link to the original ATK, Core Component and lighting service files from my esupport folder.
    THANK YOU! That has solved the issue

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