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    ASUS Z87M/G30AB wont recognize 8tb hdd

    My ASUS Z87M/G30AB won't recognize the new 8tb drive I've added to my system.

    I started with adding it alongside my OS SSD. The drive did not show up. Then tested with known working cables. Then tested across mobo SATA ports. I tested the drive in another system, it recognized it just fine. Then I took the next step and update the bios to the most recent (2014). Still no drive. I tested the 8tb drive on it's own. I then added 3 additional drives to the system. 2x 3tb and 1x 2tb internal drives. All are recognized. The 8tb drive is still hooked up but not recognized.

    The system has an Intel i7-4770k cpu and runs Ubuntu 18.10.

    From what I understand... as long as the mobo supports UEFI, it should be able to recognize the drive.

    Why won't the motherboard recognize this drive?

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