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    Help overclocking Z370-E and 8700K.


    I have been watching videos on YouTube, read a lot of forums but at the end all I got was more confused and confused.

    My goal is to get the 8700K to 4.9ghz or 5.0ghz in all cores 24/7 with air-cooling (I will Delid this week). But all this weekend I have been trying so many settings and read so much that I feel like I haven't done anything because I get super high temperatures and I have a good cooling system (even that is not delided yet). It spikes to 90°C with auto 5.0ghz load profile.

    Is there a small list of changes in the bios for me to set and start with? At least a start so I won't use the preinstall 5.0ghz overclock. I have my system for 1 year but didn't try to get out of stock for 4k Gaming.

    Z370-E gaming, 8700K, Ram Corsair16GB @3400 CL16, 2080ti Strix, Corsair 750W platinum, ssd Samsung 960 pro, Noctua NH-D15S cooler, Phanteks F140SP 140mm 1200RPM.

    Thank you.

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