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    my 2 months old laptop wont boot suddenly last december, I got it last week and and keyboards backlight is not functional. I tried to update everything, went on asus website to install all the drivers needed and tried to access aura core, mouse is responding to it however the keyboard wont. When i got this laptop from the service center. I notice that my 1tb hard drive wasnt there so I went back to service center and asked, they told me that they forgot to connect the hd. I also notice that the scratch from the lower left side under the keyboard wasnt there so I suspected the they took some of my machine and swap it. one of my biggest concern was i can see the chip and other electronic parts of my laptop on the highlighted part of the picture. Now my questions are:
    1. is the backlight of my keyboard connected to that thing that's covering the speaker like thing above the keyboard, is it possible that the main reason the backlight wont respond at all cause its not there ? ( does anyone tried to disassemble their laptop before esp Asus ROG Strix HERO Edition GL503GE-EN008T)

    2. How will I know if what I have now is not the original parts of my pc.

    3. there are times that a dialog box flashes on my screen saying copying and I couldnt even read it after that cmd follows flashing a lot.

    note: I backup everything and fully reset my pc yet the flashing of cmd and copying things keeps happening.

    plsss help ...
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