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    BIOS won't save any changes


    Recently I've build a PC with the mother Crosshair Hero VI, Ryzen 7 1700, 16gb Ram Corsair 3200mhz and a GTX 1060, SSd 240gb and HDD 2TB. I've build and configure everything and send to the customer with no problem. The PC took 3 days to arrive and when he start it, the fan error appears, he ignores it and saves the configuration (because it's informs that the fan is not working when it's spinning at correct RPM) after that, PC boot correctly.
    After 8-10hs of a shutdown, he start again thre pc and the error appears again. No matter what he changes or reconfigure that the BIOS restores to almost factory values. Date and time go back inicial dates and hour 00hs.

    Have any idea? CR32 pile it's ok connected, and after first boot it wasn't desconnected from power .

    Any idea o help it's highly appreciated.

    Take in consideration that I have to remotely support. I don't know if something could happened during the trip.

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