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    Exclamation Z390 I- Gaming having lots of problems Really need Help please.


    I have purchased a Z390 I-Gaming mobo.

    I'm having huge difficulty's with a lot of stuff I am stuck for more then 2 days now trying to solve all these issues and I really need help to get it to work because I am completely lost at the moment and pretty frustrated.
    I want to access my bios so I can change bootorder to boot from usb and do a secure erase on my ssd and install Win 10 again.
    I want to select XMP profile for my ram & later overclock my cpu.
    I want to update my bios to the latest version.

    Whatever I do I cannot enter my bios, in the manual it says I need to press F2 or del before post but this doesn't work. There is no message that pops up and i go straight to windows login screen. I've tried connecting different monitors now currently using one with dvid-d because my other monitor only has DP and HDMI. I have tried connecting different keyboards because appearantly *my Corsair K70 keyboard wont allow going to bios. I'm using a gigabyte GK-K7100 atm.

    My bios is in legacy mode appearantly according to windows. When I try to go to settings in windows startup > Update and security > recovery> advanced startup there is no option to boot fromUEFI because I am in legacy mode.*

    I've tried downloading Ai suite 3 there are multiple options to update bios one of them is ez update whatever I do i keep on version0401. There is an option ton manually update bios under EZ update tab in Ai suite 3 I've downloaded the driver from Asus drivers and tools section on their website and choose the file manually this doesnt work either it restarts my pc and goes trough installation but nothings updated.

    Is there an option to select XMP profile with some Asus software running in windows or do you really need to go into your bios during startup?

    If someone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated guys.*

    EDIT: I've read in my manual that ''when downloading *or updating the BIOS file, rename it as RSZ390IG.CAP for this motherboard, I want to try this but my pc won't boot anymore.

    I've tried clearing CMOS RTC RAM Data *by short circuit pin 1-2 with a jumper cap for about 5-10 seconds but now when I restart my pc the QLED stays lit at bright white and nothing is happening anymore only a black screen on my monitor And I really don't know what to do anymore now. Now I have a problem with my BOOT VGA DRAM or CPU according to the manual.
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    try this:
    1) turn off pc
    2) disconnect keyboard
    3) turn on pc (no keyboard connected error should appear)
    4) connect keyboard and try to enter bios

    probably you have to recover the bios first, so follow the steps in manual for bios flashback
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    I am going to try that ty. Appearently the vga Qled stays white at the moment. And it is stuck on black screen.

    Edit: It doesnt work screen stays blac, i've tried attaching my other screen again trough DP and HDMI same issue. Mann I cannot explain how frustrating this new build has been I am sick of it. Maybe removing CMOS battery help but I cannot find the damn thing it's underneath my heatsink on my mobo I think and for that to get off I have to remove my PSU and sttuff dammit.*

    I will try to flash back my bios using ASUS crash free Bios 3, I hope my pc will detect the bios file on a usb stick. I think you mean that by bios flashback.*
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