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    Stuttering/Buzzing sound coming from my laptop

    Hello. Recently, I bought a GL704GM from Newegg. It works very well and I had no problem with it, but for some reasons, I can hear a strange stuttering sound coming from the upper middle of the keyboard, where there's the speaker. The sound comes from the computer itself and it goes on constantly. Plugging out the battery makes the sound less audible and I can barely hear it when I play videogames, mainly because of the fans. I contacted Asus and they asked me to make a hard reset and a BIOS reset, but none of that works. The only options left for me are to either replace it or send it for repairs, since its still under warranty. I just want to know, before that, if the sound in question is a normal thing for these computers and if it can damage it later on. I was able to record the sound in question for reference.

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