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    Quote Originally Posted by Greggg View Post
    btw thanks. but still can't fix the problem
    Are you able to do the install with log option , (first remove aura then do install with log for each aac driver application) and post the logs to pastbin and the urls here,
    i had same issue where one device would not sync, my front io led's , that was fixed with the aacmbsetup.exe and aacterminalhal.exe installed correctly.
    I've had the most luck with it all working right with aura pack 1.07.60 and then installing everything else via windows shop (armoury crate)

    Buy using different drive versions in different combo's I have able to recreate every Aura issue i've found and fix them by removing the old drivers (and registry guids) and going to the above mentioned version.

    some other interesting things to note :-
    1. when using driver version 1.07.22/.35/.57 windows will not allow any of the files to load under current builds but if you disable the windows security features (not recommended) or go back to a early windows build then you will note aura has extra colour profiles for Rainbow and Colour cycle that are not present in other builds. (these build are not recommended and require administrator level access to function , probably used as injection points for cheats(easy-anticheat
    anti cheating app) or malware hence the blocking of those files)
    2. drivers before 1.07.22 do not use the universal Armoury service so will not function with that software.
    3. driver version 1.06.17 is the one found on most mobo/graphics card driver cdroms.
    4. Windows app store armoury crate install does not install lightingservice which is required for the app to function, if you install from the ROG armoury crate download first then install from the app store you will have lightingservice installed in most cases at version 1.07.72 (although files identical to .71) but the guid's are different which is why they wont uninstall using any of the download drivers (1.07.60/.66/.71) as it see's .72 as a newer version and error's (see in the logs) requiring the user to delete the GUID registry entries as lightingservice will always try to use the newer dll drivers but the api is not compatible across versions when mixed.
    5. driver version 1.06.17/1.05.32 should almost always work if you uninstall armoury crate/any aura drivers first, reboot then install the old versions to test or reset your hardware if it has gone out of sync(mobo's with rear io/front pch rgb ). this can reset the aura chip.
    6. Aura chip versions are controlled by the EUFI bios with the exception of the actual Aura RGB controller on the mobo, this has separate firmware which is floating around ( it's Aura USB Device - RGB controller -> rgbs lights and RGB headers) , it's this chip which controls the RGB before the bios or windows drivers take over, so when you choose stealth or all on in the Bios a command is sent to this chip to switch on/off the RGB.
    7. driver versions 1.07.22 and higher use wixx installer which cache's data in C:\Users\"username"\AppData\Local\Temp\{guid of driver} , some versions will overwrite this cache if windows allows the file access(see issue 1), if this fails then those drivers wont be install but the system reports all installed ok , this can be seen in the wixx install log when you add the -log "filename.log" parameter , manually deleting these files AFTER a reboot and before you attempt to install any other driver version will improve the chance of fixing your issue.

    Well thats all i can think of for now.



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