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    ARMOURY Crate Issues(newest version)

    Hi, i installed ARMOURY CRate service , restart, and then UWP on clean windows 1809. I don;t remember so asking here. Does it always set windows to high performance under balanced mode in armoury crate? If not how to fix it? And after installing armoury crate, my CPU under balanced mode in windows turboboosts like crazy for loads like 1%-3%. I mean if im sitting and reading text i don't want my cpu to be at 100% performance 3.9 ghz turboboost( but that what armoury crate do, when it setting windows to high perf mode) and ok i can switch to silent mode in ARMOURY Crate, but why do i need to switch between them when Intel already created turbo boost and Stepping to do it automaticly? And after installing armourycrate it seems to work like hell.\ The problem is that without armoury crate fans on windows dont wanna speen, and cpu throttles.

    ASUS ROG Strix Scar II GL504GW.
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    Armoury Crate just not showing anything at all

    I am having the issue that Armoury Crate won;t show any of my Aura products at all.
    This a fresh install of both windows and crate. I do have the aura and live dash for my Ryujin 240 but i installed armoury first.

    CPUz Bench

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