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    ASUS Maximus XI Apex - M.2 / DIMM.2 Questions

    Hi there,

    so two days ago I received my M11A Board. Before I was using the M11H so it was just a swap.

    I am using one M.2 NVME SSD (Samsung 970 Pro) and the only way to use one on the M11A seems to be through the DIMM.2 Module.

    My question is - is the DIMM.2 Module on the M11A wired to the CPU or to the PCH? Because if it is wired to the CPU wouldn't it decrease the available PCI-E Lanes to the GPU as there are only 16 available - making the GPU just run @ PCI-E 8x?
    The manual does explicitly say so, though hwinfo and gpu-z report my GPU using PCI-E 16x.
    I am thoroughly confused.

    Is there a wire diagram for the M11A like there was for other ROG Boards in the past?

    Thanks in advance.

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