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    Strix Raid Dlx vs STX (II) regarding music via speakers

    I liked the sound of lossless music files of my (original) STX on my Edifier 2.1 speaker set,
    but the card seems and sounds a bit "outworn" now.
    Since the STX II is incompatible with AM4 systems, I'd like to know if it makes sense
    to get a Strix Raid Dlx *for music*. I know it is mainly meant for use in games,
    but its technical data as far as I understand them don't seem inferior to those of the STX.

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    Before you go that route, be sure to read reviews about the STRIX cards, also there's a huge thread in this forum about unresolved issues with sound cutting out.

    Personally, I'd wait for some reviews about the new sound card from EVGA. From the specs/features, it should be great for music, and since it's new, hopefully the driver support will be better than ASUS.

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