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    USB throughput 3.0 very low on Win10 and ROG_STRIX_Z390-H_GAMING


    Since almost 1 month now, i try to solve my issue linked to my USB Key 3.0 with my new computeur built recently.

    I got a USB key PNY 16Gb with USB 3.0 but when i plug it to my new computer and i try to tranfer for example 2 Gbyte file on it, on Win 10 i only to max 9 - 10 Mbyte throughput, while when i plug it on my ASUS labtop with win7 equiped also with USB 3.0 connector i got about 100 Mbyte throughput transfer with exactly the same file !!

    Here is my Pc config :

    Motherboard : ROG Strix Z390-H
    On Motherboard :
    - Last Bios update Version 1202 from 11th January 2019
    - Last Chipset version 1815.12.0.2021 from 17th September 2018

    Storage 1 : Samsung Serie 970 EVO, 500 Gbyte M.2 Type 2280
    Storage 2 : Samsung SSD 860 PRO 512 Gbyte
    CPU : Intel Core i5 9600K

    My win10 information :
    windows 10 Professionnel
    version : 1803
    OS version : 17134.556

    this is the reference of my Usb Key :

    What i can't understand on my ASUS labtop with win7 i got about 100 Mbyte transfer and on my PC i got abot 9 Mbyte.

    I tried many things for example that :

    But not working.

    I tested that from Window 7 :

    but not working too.

    I can link also many other solution i tryed but i prefer to not spam too much.

    almost 4 weeks trying and trying again some solution without any success.

    so please if you have any idea let me know because i don't want to downgrage my PC to Win7.

    Again i got very highspeed on my Asus Labtop with win7 (about 100 Mbyte transfer) and only 10 Mbyte on my new PC with windows 10.

    thanks for your help.



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