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    GM501GS Randomly freezing and locking up

    Hello so this is what's happening:
    I bought a GM501GS about 2 months ago and has been showing since the same problem over and over again, I can be playing Destiny 2 or simply browsing the web and the screen just freezes up and the laptop won't respond to anything, to get it working I have to hold the power button and turn it on again.
    The fans keep running, the usb ports stay functioning, the keyboard stays on and the loading button stops lighting completely. The sound will loop for a few seconds until it goes off (it has sometimes scared the **** out of me, it sounds like a ghost screaming when it loops). I have noticed some patterns:
    -I can be using it all day and nothing happens, but when it happens, it will keeep happening about 15 minutes after I turn it on again. Until it doesn't anymore.
    -When I use it in Optimus Graphics Mode (with the integrated graphics card) instead of freezing, the screen will turn black and show no image (when in Discrete Graphics Mode, with G-SYNC ON, the image will just stay still).
    - It's totally unpredictable when it will happen, it will work perfectly for 3 days in a row and then suddenly the next one it freezes 4 times.

    I tried mostly everything I've found out there energy-wise, did a clean install using the windows "Reset this pc" tool, all my drivers are up to date and besides that, the laptop works perfectly fine.

    I hope you guys out here can help me, this is really annoying and I can't do anything without expecting that already.
    PS: It froze while writing this.

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    my GU501 randomly freezes as well,

    My GU501 randomly freezes and i found that the solution is unplug the power if it's plugged, or plug it if it's unplugged, that unfreezes it when it switches between power options.

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