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    Build Q about audio and multi-monitor set ups

    Howdy y'all.

    The last time I built a PC bluray wasn't on the scene so life was a little less complicated, and googling only seems to find articles that are 2 years old...

    Now first off, HDMI over DVI... to date all the HDMI setups I've seen on PC have used large televisions rather than monitors and the picture looks awful on anything that isn't a film... text and games have either a slight or annoying fuzzyness.

    Is this the HDMI connection or the screen?

    I ask because I have a 24" monitor that has DVI and VGA ports and at 1900x1200 there's not the slightest hint of fuzzy text, but three friends with TVs that cost three or four times what I payed for that screen have fuzzy text.

    My thoughts were just to use DVI connections and avoid having to think about this - but then I started to wonder about sound.

    The machine I'm building will be a gaming and movie machine so I want proper Dolby TrueHD sound...

    Motherboard I looked at says it's got built in sound - (the Rampage IV GENE has the X-FI 2) but no-where does it mention TrueHD audio, so I don't know if it has TrueHD support - or indeed the best way to get that HD sound to a proper set of speakers. (and as I see it, it only has 4 connectors for speaker so doesn't have the 6 or 8 connectors required for 5.1 or 7.1, and TOSLINK can't do TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio either)

    So I thought then - the Asus Xonar HD thingy does proper HD audio, but from the look of things it will require the use of HDMI...

    So, with that pre-amble over.

    Does HDMI provide proper quality video imaging? Or do I need to think about DVI?

    Is the Asus Xonar the only proper HD soundcard out there? how do peoples rate it?

    Were I to need to use DVI how should I go about getting the Audio experience I'm wanting?


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