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    Lightbulb VG278Q – Adaptative Sync/FreeSync On – Monitor disconnect for a second when opening

    As the title said, I have a weird problem with my band new Asus VG278Q.
    Previously, I thought it was a problem related to « Deep Sleep » feature, but it’s not.

    The scenario and problem :
    When Adaptative Sync/FreeSync is activated (I do not have the problem when the feature is off) : when powering ON the monitor, the monitor disconnect completely from the PC for about 1 second. It might be normal, maybe the screen is activating the feature and need to be disconnected to make it work, but i’ve not found any documentation about this.

    The result : I’m using dual monitor, and this VG278Q is my main. So when this monitor disconnect for 1 second, all my icon and Windows are switched to my secondary. After 1 second, when the VG278Q recovers, all my Icon and Windows are moved back to my primary. This situation also happens when the screen enter into Sleep mode (Windows Screen Sleep).

    It is frustrating to move back, like 10 times a day, my window to my second monitor so I just deactivate the Adaptative Sync/FreeSync feature for now.

    Need help on this.

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