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    GL553VW Manual GPU switch Feature Request

    I am not really sure if this is possible, but I request if people in ASUS could give the end-users an ability to select which GPU to use a primary rendering device. Because NVIDIA Optimus is bad tbh, it's introducing input delay, most likely you'll notice this if you play osu. Because NVIDIA Optimus is like, the dedicated GPU's rendered frames are being sent to the iGPU, which introduces delay. And according to some experiences of some people with laptops with an ability to select NVIDIA as their primary rendering device in their BIOS, they experienced an increased performance and a reduce in input delay.

    I know that selecting NVIDIA as your primary rendering device will result in a reduced battery life, but, it's upon the end-user's choice, so why not implement it?

    I am using GL553VW, hopefully you guys push out a BIOS update/ROG Gaming Center update to make this possible.

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