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    HELP - ASUS Z97-AR Motherboard not recognizing more than one RAM stick

    Hi all,

    I recently purchased an ASUS Z97-AR Motherboard from a reputable seller, and was ensured it was working perfectly prior to being shipped.

    I have been able to get it to launch to BIOS with only one stick of RAM in slot B1. If I put a second stick in any other slot, it refuses to boot and either gets stuck in a restart loop or remains running with the DRAM LED solid red. If I move the stick in B1 to any other slot it does the same. I have tried multiple different DDR3 sticks in every slot, so I have determined that the RAM sticks are working properly.

    I have reset the CMOS and also removed battery and drained residual power, keeping battery out for over a minute.

    I've cleaned out the slots with electrical contact cleaner with seemingly no effect. Slot B1 works with every ram stick and launches to BIOS. If I put ram in any other slot, it won't. If ram is in slots A1 B1 it gets stuck in a restart loop. If I put ram in A2 B2 it doesn't restart, but the dram led stays on. If an individual stick is in A1, A2, or B2, it does the same things. I've tried upping the dram voltage to 1.55 and then 1.6 in bios, changing the dram frequency to 1333MHz manually, and changing the ram timing to 10-10-10-27-2 according to various forum suggestions and nothing is having any impact.

    Case fans, CPU cooler fan come on, GPU fans stay off. CPU light flashes once on initial startup and then remains off. BOOT_DEVICE_LED remains on. No CPU connector pins are bent that I can see, and I have looked carefully.

    PC Specs:
    ASUS Z97-AR
    ASUS GTX1070
    Intel i7 4790k
    Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler
    EVGA Gold 750W
    Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB DDR3 1600GHz
    Samsung 970 Evo M.2 (SATA III SSD also on the way)

    Any other ideas would be appreciated, or if it seems like something in the board is just broken, let me know. Thanks!

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