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    Exclamation Strix GL504GM problems with Intel Turbo Boost

    When Intel Turbo Boost is on it cause the FPS to go from 60 to 5 for a few secconds and then coming back to normal. Usualy, i just turn it off and that issue stops but i installed RPCS3 (PS3 Emulator) and tried to play Demon's Souls. If Intel Turbo Boost isn't on i run it at 30-40 FPS in slow motion but if it's on i run it at 60 FPS smoothly. But as it's on that problems occurs. Is there a fix to that problem? I really want to play that game but those FPS weird drops i can't stand it. Hope someone can help me. Thanks

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    You're probably being thermal throttled, it does give you a huge boost but it raises the CPU temperature as well. Try to set the fans on MAX and undervolt the CPU to avoid thermal throttling and get the best performance possible.
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