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    Asus Rampage VI Extreme random freezes

    Ok so i have an issue ... and no idea what i should do anymore ... So i have an ASUS rampage Extreme VI with a core i9 10920x

    Nothing is overclocked and 99.9% of the time the system is stabel .. but i get those random freezes .. sometimes right after boot 20 seconds after windows has loaded .. other times far into a gaming session.

    its that kind of system hang where numlock does not react etc ... At first it thought it was my ram so i exchanged all of my 64 gb ram and ran several Memory test .. sometimes when i used windows Memory test it would freeze there too .. other times .. it would not freeze and just work fine ..

    But the main issue with these feezes is .. sometimes it happens 5-6 times a day .. but often it takes weeks to month before the hang happens ...

    I have no spare parts to test anthing else and i have no way of reliably causing the freezes ... so waiting a month for a freeze to happen is kinda crazy.

    Bios and drivers are all up to date and freezes dont seem to care if the systems runs at 100 % load for hours ... because its as much likely to happen with no load at all ....

    So while i also broke my foot .. i cant send the parts back to the seller that might test the parts ( and i doubt they find something because they are not spending several month to troubleshoot this ..and if they cant find anything they just going to send the parts back to me anyways ....

    So any ideas are really something i would like to hear ..

    BTW full reformat of the systems right now is out of the question .. that is actually already planned once win 11 hits actually .. and not going to format multible times :P takes far to long to set up everything

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    restsugavan PC Specs
    ProcessorIntel Core i9 7980XE 2.60GHz
    Memory (part number)64GB GSKILL 3.2 GHz 16-16-18-36 2T
    Graphics Card #1ASUS ROG POSEIDON 1080Ti
    MonitorSAMSUNG ODESSEY G9 NEO 49 Firmware 1005.1
    Storage #1SAMSUNG 970 EVO PLUS 1TB x 3
    Storage #2WD 4TB External HDD
    CPU CoolerNZXT KRAKEN 62
    CaseCorsair Carbine 540
    Power SupplyCorsair AX1200i
    Keyboard Microsoft
    Mouse Microsoft
    Mouse Pad ASUS
    Headset/Speakers Sony
    OS Windows 11 Insider Preview 22463.1000
    Network RouterD-LINK
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    There are missing systems configuration components details to answer mate.

    1. What is your system spec and BIOS revision do you use ?

    2. What kind of primary disk on your system ( HDD / SSD / NVME / VROC / RAID ? ) ?

    If you provide more information details , many friends here could help you better .
    Windows 11 22H1 Build 22463.1000 Core i9 7980XE 02006COA MCU 2021-06-16 R6E 3501 MODDED BIOS TPM 2.0 Enabled VROC + RST ME FW DV 2124.100.0.1096 64GB DDR4 3200 XMP POSEIDON 1080i GTX NVIDIA Driver 510.10 WHQL 3TB SAMSUNG 970 EVO PLUS OMS Driver WHQL i219 V OROM 0.1.00 BA 0.1.16 WHQL AQC 107N FW 3.1.121 AQC WHQL Realtek HD 6.0.9228.1 WHQL SAMSUNG ODYSSEY G9 49 NEO FW 1006 VESA HDR 2000 DP

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    It could be the right side RAM banks.

    A known problem with some Rampage 6 Extreme (not the encore) boards is that the moment you put any ram stick to the right of the CPU you get random lock ups.

    The solution is to ONLY populate the LEFT side memory slots (i.e. left of the CPU) and NOT to put any RAM modules on the right side.

    I and many others had this symptoms and eventually discovered this root cause. It was an extremely difficult root cause to find, because the lock ups are so random and just happens at any time uncorrelated to anything (at idle, at load, could take a week or an hour in-between lock ups...) - extremely frustrating - but the solution is nothing to the right of the CPU.

    I should have RMA-d my board but by the time I found the root cause it was too late...

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