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    Quote Originally Posted by restsugavan View Post
    Please kindly sharing experiences friends. We are owner of same CPU i9 7980XE.

    After testing on my 2002 modded BIOS with 02000064 microcode with lastest Windows 10 Insider Previews build 18995.1 (lastest kernel).
    I think there are some good news for our 7980XE for the new BIOS code. During testing with AIDA64 6.1.5200 Build many times.

    1. 7980XE has better bandwidth Read/Write/Copy and lowest latency of DDR4 access since debut.
    * * My system got 68.4ns (GSkill 4- channal DDR4 3200 16-18-18-38 2T *64GB) .

    2. 7980XE has lower L2 cache latency from 5.5ns (1902 and older bios revision) to 3.1ns (2002).

    3. 7980XE also lower L3 cache latency too (but a little bit compare to 1902 and older bios revision ).

    However when compare 02000064 microcode to 0200005E or 02000060 microcode , they’re tiny performance gap for 3 revisions.
    Personally I love 02000064 microcode with lastest performance optimized for new Windows kernel (1909 and my Insider 20H1 testing) more
    than others.

    Please waiting new Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0 new version under testing with W10 1909 and my insider 20H1 a little bit. Final version will
    release soon. ***

    Are u overclocking your system or running it at stock???
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