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    Quote Originally Posted by Desertum_0 View Post
    I am not quite sure what you are after.

    I think it is best to see this thread and ask Lost_N_BIOS which is the person who made this mod bios.
    I flashed my R6EE with a BIOS with uCode 3003 (from June - latest) for my core i9 10980 XE and I can confirm that the latest uCode 3003 does STILL NOT support TSX instructions (HSE Hardware Lock Elision and RTM Restricted Transaction Memory) . The TSX instruction set were disabled in all uCodes released this year due to the side channel attacks that were uncovered last year. In other words Transactions can lose up to 40% in performance loss with TSX disabled- say if you use SQL (like I do) or other databases.
    I was hoping that they've found a way to enable them safely again since 7980XE seams to have gotten TSX back in the latest uCode, but it looks like 10980XE is a lost cause - for now...

    Very disappointing.

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