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    CMOS battery type for Rampage 6 Extreme?

    I started a build about 4-5 years ago with a 7900X on a Rampage VI Extreme, but I let it sit without use for several years. Now I think my CMOS battery is dead as I get a prompt to press F1 and reset AHCI or RAID in the BIOS. I get this prompt only if I have previously turned off the power to the MB, it boots fine if I leave the power to the MB on at the PSU switch.

    What type of battery is used in the Rampage 6? I've scoured the manual and find nothing specifying which battery to use. Worst part of all this is I have to drain the coolant from my system and disconnect some fitting to remove the video cards to access the battery under the 2nd video card. (two 1080Ti's is SLI)

    Any help you can give me is appreciated.

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    I'm not sure about CMOS replacement as I've never needed one, but I'd take the one you have to a computer repair shop and ask for advice. They'll probably just sell you a replacement if they have one, and if not tell you what you need, free of charge.

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    Most motherboards use a CR2032 battery for CMOS battery, and it should say right on the battery itself what type of button battery it is.

    Looks like it's a CR2032 for Rampage VI.!
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    It should be a CR2032 for just about any Motherboard ever built.

    And YES, if you are not going to use the motherboard, take out the battery or it will drain it keeping BIOS settings till the battery dies. They can last over 10 years if they are not in the board.

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