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    ASUS ROG z390 Maximus XI Hero (Wifi) Does NOT fit in a ThermalTake View 31 Series ATX

    Whatever you do, do your research before you buy any thermaltake cases...I just learned a hard and expensive lesson.

    The ThermalTake View 31 is incompatible with majority of the ASUS 390 series boards....

    Here is what the ASUS Z390 Maximus XI (Wifi) looks like inside it, I am unable to mount it...due to the fact that the holes don't line up all because the motherboard has a built in I/O plate.

    I bought the case off and now i'm screwed, literally speaking; fortunately, waived my re-stocking fees and provided a free return shipping label, so I am expected to get my full refund once they receive it.

    So once I get my refund, I will be out looking again for another case; this time, i'm doing my homework before I order another one again.

    Interestingly enough, it fits in a ThermalTake H24 but I had to return that one as well; however, that was due to limited clearance for a CPU cooler as mine is a 164mm.

    More photos can be found @ ThermalTake Forum...
    Miniatura de Adjuntos Miniatura de Adjuntos IMG_2914.jpg  

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    A further update...

    I have tried this board in various InWin cases at a local computer shop and it does not fit either..

    WTF ASUS! I'm going to see if I can return this stupid board and trade it in for an MSI brand instead....

    This is complete bull****!

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    Found a case that works

    I was running into the same problem with Maximus XI Hero with the ThermalTake View 37 (view 31 is the same chasis)

    I have the Thermaltake View 71 and I've heard the Coolermaster MasterBox 5 RGB works too and now the motherboard fits NO force needed

    The IO opening has to be the following exactly or a 1/16 bigger on the longer end, my case and its probably with yours is 1/16 of an inch too small, its so slight of a difference that its hard to tell so you HAVE to measure

    The measurements to fit are 6 7/16 inches (long side) 1 3/4 inches for shorter side and you will be fine

    All 9 screws line up and NO FORCE needed to fit

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    CaseCorsair 900D
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    I wish to also add to this post, I have the same motherboard (wifi) edition and the holes do not also line up with a Corsair 900D case, the bottom holes line up, the middle holes line up, the top holes are off by a few millimetres. I was able to angle screw them in gently without damaging the board. There is obviously something wrong if other cases are having similar issues. My previous Rog Maximus X Formula lined up fine, but the Rog Hero Xi (wifi) does not, so this is something people should be aware of, other cases are affected also...

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    I wish I had real all these post before I bought a Formula XI....will not fit my Thermaltake View 71 TG case...Very Disappointed in ASUS....
    Formula XI
    i9 9900K
    Thermaltake View 71 TG
    GTX-1080TI SLI
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