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    G74 bbk7-Win 7/ ssd

    Just wanted to ask if it was possible for me to use my win7 disc from my desktop to do a clean install on the laptop, and the just use the windows serial number from the laptop. I used the recovery discs to install on the new ssd, but I am missing 30 gigs of space on the ssd because of it. It's also not good I reimaged from the hd. I just want a fresh disc install, but I don't want to but a new Win disc. I paid for a license on the laptop.

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    Hi, there. It's possible if it's a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.
    You can use the Product Key from your laptop to activate it.

    EDIT: I would suggest you do clean install instead.
    If the Windows 7 disc from your desktop isn't Home Premium 64 bit,
    you can download a free ISO copy here:
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    It sounds like a clean install is definitely in order!

    There are different versions of Windows (not the same as "editions," such as Home Premium, Professional, etc.). Your Asus product key is specifically for an OEM version of Windows Home Premium, so that is what you must use when you do the clean install. If that's what your desktop copy is, it should work.

    If your Windows disk is any other version, such as a full retail copy or upgrade, don't expect your Asus key to activate it. Rather, download the ISO that PILGRIM linked and burn your own installer disk.

    Bottom line: Your Asus product key can only activate an OEM version of Windows Home Premium on your particular G74.

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