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    Asus aura will it ever be fixed? G703gi

    Greetings friends.

    This is absolutely F*ucking ridiculous, how many issues I've had to go through with these ASUS programs.
    I have a ASUS G703GI gaming laptop, top of its line last year.

    When I got it, all the aspects of the programs were working correctly.
    Since then the fan booster has been perma-disabled, whether pressing the hotkey or altering the setting on the ROG gaming centre app, and a few others.

    At this stage, my Asus Aura function has completely turned off.
    Previously it would casually turn off and on at will, which wasn't as big a deal.

    But now after reinstalling all aspects from the MS store, and the ASUS support page, regarding ASUS, the VGA, etc, still to no avail has it turned itself back on.

    Before reinstalling everything the app wouldn't react or open, but now I've got the updated version (seemingly) but after changing the settings, it doesn't apply or update, and none of the LED lights are on.

    Any news, as of recent would be greatly appreciated.
    Really pissing me off.


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    Currently I have no issues with AURA.
    Brand new G703GI. I installed clean Windows on super fast RAID0. Then installed all drivers from eSupport folder. Then went to Asus support page downloaded latest drivers.. that was a pain. I had to compare with my eye balls drivers/utilities versions one by one. "ASUS Live Update" is pointless.
    After 3 hours of work everything is up and running smoothly.
    PS: The latest AURA firmware update has been published only last week.

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