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    PG27UQ OC clock hz fails

    Im using the PG27UQ minitor with a 2080 rtx ti auros card and the 1.4 display port cable from asus.

    At the moment i use 4 k res with 98 hz 10 bit and RGB since that is the best options due to 1.4 DP limits.
    But when i enable the OC boost to 144 hz in the monitor option, then i once had a problem with the hz rate and the bit mode.

    I could not choose any hz above 82 or set the bit to 10 or RGB. It would only set the screen to 82 hz 8 bit 4.2.2

    Then i disabled the OC boost and i could choose 98-120 hz again and 10 bit RGB. I tryed to enable and disable this OC boots few times.
    And sometimes it worked where i could choose up to 144 hz but sometimes it would not let me change the hz to above 82 with the OC enabled.

    Even when it works an dthe OC boost is enabled and i play a game , then sudenly at random times the settings drops to 82 hz 8 bit 4.2.2
    and when i reboot then i can choose the 144 hz again or 98 hz 10 bit RGB.

    Is it the screen or the gfx card that messed with my settings ?
    Its driving me crazy here...has anyone tryed this ?
    or else try switch the OC boots on and off few times to see if this "error" triggers on ur screen.

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