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    Lightbulb GL503GE EN041T ACPI ERROR 13, Distributed COM 10016 AND Heavy Battery Drain

    I have bought my PC in Nov. It was working fine for a month. Then I started experiencing beep sound from pc. And it usually happens when battery is set to best performance. Although games are working fine. I have also reported to service center and they said my fan is malfunctioning, so it got replaced but I am still getting these error and beeping sound. After replacement, I have clean Installed the OS Workstation Pro. Done all the updates from the Asus site. All my drivers are up to date.
    After coming from service center, I have noticed a decrease in battery performance. But yesterday, it only last 1 hour 30 min, when battery was at 80%. I have restored the default setting but the battery has moved to 2 hour max, even when I have switch to best battery life.
    Please help me.
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