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    Ryujin 360 fans not starting up

    Hi Team,

    I have a Ryujin 360 setup on my Rog Zenith Extreme motherboard with a 2950x. I have my fans hooked up to the cooler, the cooler is hooked up to the CPU_FAN header, SATA power, and hooked up to the USB 2.0 header. When I boot the system it posts and loads UEFI but the fans mounted to the radiator don't start and I don't see any info for the pump or associated fans showing up in monitor. Do I need to do anything in the UEFI to get it recognized? I don't have windows installed yet either so haven't installed the AI Suite or Live Dash.

    The oled starts up and shows the ROG logo animated on the cooler but never shows temp or anything else on the OLED.

    Thanks in advance

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    Double check power to that SATA connector and inspect closely the fan connectors for any loose wires.

    Nothing needs to be set up in UEFI. Without any programs loaded the fans should default to full speed.

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    all sorted

    Not sure what did it but I re-secured all connections and rebooted the system, once it came up all fans came to life and show a speed in UEFI

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    Hi I just bought Ryujin 360 and sometimes it doesn't start when windows startup, I think is an armoury crate problem, because, when ryujin doesn't star I open armoury crate and reloads the ryujin profile and then everything goes back to normal, fans stars working an old shows info correctly, I don't know how to fix this, anyone has any idea?.

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    Found this thread on Google.. looking back at the timestamps it is safe to assume that nobody at ASUS gives any sh.. I guess. Here's a short summary if more people stumble upon this post:

    ROG Ryujin is a "smart" cooler -> someone at ASUS thought it would be a good idea to connect the fans directly to the pump instead of the mobo, so it seems like a "full-software" control. This software is Armoury Crate (Devices -> Ryujin -> Fan Control). When the CPU is relatively cool, the software stops the fans (both the radiator and the "micro fan" sitting on the pump) completely, which is OK for light loads. The problem: it often "forgets" to turn them back on! Maybe some monitoring service just exits at some point, just a wild guess.

    Use-case #1: I got back to Desktop after a gaming session and saw that the CPU (Ryzen 9 5950X) was approaching 90°C! Fans were standing still for hours.
    Use-case #2: I installed some software, needed multiple reboots, at some point the system wouldn't boot - CPU thermal alert! You guessed it, the fans on the Ryujin's rad were standing still.
    Use-case #3: uninstalled Armoury, had trouble re-installing, in the meantime the CPU was hitting 90°C again due to the fans standing still...

    Windows 10 Build 19042.746. The question is: does ASUS really not get the fact that they produce one of the crappiest software in the world in terms of stability and bugs? How can a sane person give control over CPU cooling to such a software? I guess I'm done with that one and will just connect the rad fans to a CPU_FAN header.
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