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    Raja\Scone it's time to adjust the QVL on the mobos

    T-topology (4 stick RAM) is snakeoil and doesn't work as advertised. Maximus hero\code z390 mobos are QVL listed at 2 sticks 3866 mhz and 4 sticks 4400 mhz.

    There is not a single person in the world that has run 4266mhz stable on these mobos with 4 sticks let alone 4400mhz. Nothing to do with IMC and superspecial kits. You just need to come out and say you're selling snakeoil and that people need to switch to the 2 stick motherboards like apex and gene for 4000mhz and above.

    Adjust the QVL and motherboard advertisement specs and offer us some compensation.

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