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    Mouse recommendations.

    I have been using a 5 dollar mouse for over 3 years.
    Recently it stopped working and I want to upgrade it.
    Can you guys recommand me a ROG one?
    It must be compact with lots of RGB lights. I won’t be usong macros that much.
    I also want to know what is the difference between the ROG Gladius II and the ROG Gladius II Origin.

    Sorry for bad English.
    (I wrote this on my phone at 02:20.)

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    if you are more comfortable with setting keys to mouse button 1 mouse button 2,3,4,5 etc you should not buy that mouse.
    I wait for that option since 2018 now, because I am ONLY able to bin keyboard buttons to the mouse button in the software. better buy a crap mouse. they often have also 4 buttons but in option it say clear: mouse button 1 mouse button 2 mouse 3 mouse 4 etc and not mouse bottun 1= keyboard button "R", mouse bottun 2= keyboard button "@"

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