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    Idea fort ASUS - competitive FPS mouse

    So I've just bought ASUS ROG Glaius II Origin. I like many things in it, but I want to give you an idea to do even better.

    So how do you like an idea for lighter mouse? Like small and lightweight but still with 3360 optical sensor.
    It will be ideal for competitive FPS games with fingertip or claw-fingertip grip and fast and wide low sens movement.

    - 3360 optical sensor
    - small and lightweight (preferably under 90g)
    - maybe with additional weight system but this is unnecessary I think
    - symmetric form (like ss sensei, zowie fk, maybe something like asus strix evlove or pugio - didn't try them, wrong sensor)
    - a little more tight default button switches (to do less unwanted clicks in FPS)

    And all great features that with what ASUS already have in their mice, at least GladiusII
    - replaceable cord
    - replaceable button switches
    - replaceable mouse feet (ms intellimouse-like for GladiusII wich is most common, nice!)
    - nice materials and looks

    And I don't really care for LED lights personally, it's fun but I keep them off for everyday use anyway.

    So I really like that exclusive features that ASUS already have. And I hope you will release more great mice products (3360 sensor please!)
    I would surely buy a smaller, lighter and symmetrical variant of my GladiusII
    Thank you!
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