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    Bluetooth turned off and cannot turn back on!

    So a few days ago I noticed my Xbox One controller wasn't connecting to my PC, it was not totally uncommon sometimes I had to wait a bit but then I realised it was just not connecting at all.

    I've finally got round to trying to fix the issue only to find that bluetooth was turned off. Not only that I could not turn it back on as there was not an option.

    So I went to device manager only to find bluetooth is no longer there but in hidden. I have tried all the youtube tutorials, nothing I am doing is getting my bluetooth to work again. I have tried downloading the bluetooth drivers from my motherboards websites and still not luck. I click the applications to install and a couple of them ask me to confirm bluetooth is running and then tellsm e Realtek Bluetooth is not installed on my device.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. The only cause I can think of is driver genius did recently update over 20 drivers about 4 days back or so.

    Motherboard: ROG STRIX Z370-E GAMING
    Windows 10

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