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    Question G752VT Reset to factory state completely.

    Before i get people telling me to search my topic and look at stickies, i did, i just have some questions.
    What i want to do is fully reset and wipe my 2 drives (C which is SSD and D which is HDD) and start-over as if i had just bought the laptop with nothing on them except ALL the pre-installed ASUS software that came with it, instructions and opinions differed in every post i read and i am actually confused right now as to what i should do for my situation.
    1. If backup my eSupport folder to a USB drive and then fully format my windows through windows media creation tool on a usb and then run AsInsWiz.exe, will that be it? Will i have factory reset it just fine and still have all asus software and start screen and what-not?
    2. Should i do the above or reset through the windows "reset pc" setting? (but i want to do the full thing so its fully clean and only with asus software)
    3. If none of the above is correct, what do i need to do to get the result i want (have my g752vt laptop like if i just bought it)

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