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    Terrible Raid 5/10 speeds on Strix x299

    Oh this just been a nightmare....and about to shoot my toes.

    I upgraded my system wanting to build a raid 5 with 5 8tb hdd Seagate Barracuda ST8000DM004 using the onboard IRST ports.

    After almost 2 weeks of initializing which completed, I decided to move all my files from smaller drives into the raid and it started off fine around 150-160 mb/s then after a minute drops down to 7-15 mb/s.

    I'm just about to bash my head in for this terrible speeds. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or what, but this is so upsetting.

    My system is:

    i7 7800x
    Asus ROG STRIX x299 e-gaming
    2x GTX 980 TI SLI
    Samsung EVO 960 500GB m.2 M.2_1 port

    The whole system is in a custom liquid loop.
    Any help or questions appreciate it.

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