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    HDMI cable after 4 monts already broken ???

    hello all.
    i bouht my centurion nov 8 2018 and is now 4 old, and already the left cup, one of the cables inside of the HDMI is broken when i turn my head left or right.
    i notesed that this week when i playing a game and sound came only from the righr cup. but some speakers are still working in the left cup and need to do a speaker test to know witch one it is.
    to be sure it's the cable i move the cable by hand close to the cub and sound came back again and after reliecing the cable, sound stops in the left cup.

    realy guys .??? after 4 monts already !!????.
    this can happen after a few years if quality is around 50 dollars or less but a headset above 300 you chould ecspect some bette quality but i gues i was wrong !!

    this is not the firt head set i had in my life in the last 59 years most of the time never had a cable problem because i am very carefull on those thing just bcause music is my life so without a headset i will never be !

    so my question is: the warrenty also involve the calbe ?

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    Contact customer service and see if they will setup an RMA. Can't hurt to try.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xeromist View Post
    Contact customer service and see if they will setup an RMA. Can't hurt to try.
    oke i am back again after returning it to to shop and they gave me a hole new one.. is't that great !!

    but now after using 1 month (and notes it from the start) that sometines when i turned my head to the right i heart a tick sound . and sound was disable and came back again if i turned my head straight again.
    ad first didden't give it a though because was not that often. bu one time i put the headset bside me on the table and had to lift up the cable and notes tha the unit want out... W T FXXXX ???? AGAIN BROKEN !?!?!?!? M F....XXX!!!
    sorry fo my word but that how i am PISTE OFF RIGHT NOW !!!!!!

    NOW i am gone return it and DEMAND my money back !!!!

    cables are realy JUNK / CHIT/ XXXX to me now and lost my confidence in tis JUNK of an HEADSET !!!!

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    I feel you brother. Throw it into a fire.

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    Angry ASUS rog centurion 7.1 headset. Fault, loose cable, no sound, broken

    I have this same issue. The left earcup does not work unless I angle the hdmi cable at a certain angle. It appears to be a loose cable. Unfortunately the small store I purchased from has gone bust during covid and I now can't take it back. I've taken the cup apart so that I can look inside and it's caused by movement when on the inside of the rubber joint, just as the cables are soldered to the board.
    I believe that it's a design fault and it's really disappointing, especially from a reputable seller like ASUS. I've been looking on Ebay for a replacement headset and I must say that I've seen two in the last week that have exactly the same fault!
    I'm going to try to get this one fixed as I can't deny that the sound quality is, in my opinion the best on the market but I'll never trust another ASUS product after this. Unfortunately, I'd not recommend the headset to friends either. It's too much to lose after a year or two of use.

    I'm going to continue this thread and recommend anyone I find to contribute. I'm in UK and I'm going to look at consumer rights, particularly as to whether or not this can be raised as a potential design fault. If you know anyone else with this issue then please get them to comment here.

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