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    Quote Originally Posted by Gps3dx View Post
    it seems your issue is indeed HW based or bad flashed firmware.
    Please try to rename the bios file like the following:
    if you've downloaded a zip with bios named "G751JYAS.211" - make few copies of it on the USB and rename them as follows:
    • G751JYAS.211
    • G751JY.211
    • G751JYAS.BIN
    • G751JY.BIN

    try to perform the ctrl+home flashing procedure FEW TIMES - don't give up:
    • power up & press and hold ctrl+home.
    • power up & immediately press ctrl+home, release & press again and again... ( press the combo few times each sec ).
    • try connecting the USB to a different USB socket ( right side is advisable ).
    • make sure you're connected to AC ~2 hours before flashing so that the battery may have a change to charge.
    • make sure your USB is formatted as FAT32 (advisable) or FAT16 AND that it contains only ONE partition.

    P.S - IMHO, please note that changing the boot order or CSM option in the bios DOES NOT CAUSE HW FAILURE NOR corruption of the bios - these options can be changed endlessly without any harmful effect to the PC.
    IMHO, your issue was caused by something else entirely.
    YES!!! This worked for me!!!
    I have formatted USB to FAT, put BIOS inthere in all this namings, inserted USB to Laptop, pressed power button and started hitting CTRL+HOME.
    Screen turned on in like 5 sec and updating BIOS started.

    I'm up and running and most likely will need to modify bios again to accept NVME SSD.

    WIsh me luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by totalchaos1990 View Post
    PS: Sorry for my English.
    I left a comment on youpube.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gps3dx View Post
    IMHO, your issue was caused by something else entirely.
    Windows Servicing Stack likes to mess with things....


    @totalchaos and @sa_stilom

    If you both get your G751 up and running again, make a text file with the following, and then rename it with .reg as the file extension, and then run it. This prevents windows update from downloading drivers during updates.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Win dows\WindowsUpdate]
    "ExcludeWUDriversInQualityUpdate"=dword:000000 01

    Mind the spaces in "Win dows" and dword:00000001
    There's not meant to be any spaces... but the forums is adding it
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    Why do you suggest turning off Driver Update via Windows Update?
    Can you explain bit more what are you trying to avoid, did you had any experience on your own?

    Thank you in advance!

    btw: I managed to install Windows 10 Pro x64, however it's crashing randomly. Seems like something didn't sit properly. When I run stress tests HDD, RAM, VGA - they all pass.
    When I start Windows Media Creation Tool, crashes. When I run Windows Updates, crash...

    Still trying to figure out what is causing it as I'm afraid that taking my laptop apart maybe did something to the MBO/Laptop.

    Now when I don't panic anymore, your issue looks to me either like:
    - BIOS issue or MBO Power issue
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    So, for refresh the original bios you need to format the pendrive in FAT, put int the bios renamed in .bin, start the pc and then press CTRL+HOME??

    If the answare is yes, i try to overclock again my cpu

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