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    Cool STRIX GL703GS I had a few BSOD's but i think i fixed them and need more info

    I got my laptop last week and the first thing i did was update all windows 10 updates and then uninstall Mcafee (ok i did it via programs and install in win 10)

    I put steam on my laptop and then went on Arma 3 Exile on thursday 14th february 2019 which i run from my wifes i7 laptop. I was also downloading about 100gb of stuff to my drive from BT Cloud which has never been a problem with other pc's or laptops etc.
    I went on arma 3 using ultra settings and getting over 60fps and after about 30 mins it froze and i got BSOD and i restarted game and i got BSOD after 30 mins or so again. I restarted and got it after 10 mins or so, i then set my game from ultra to high settings and 10 mins later BSOD, i restarted and lasted about an hour without a BSOD and it was time to finish game as it was dinner time.
    OK i was worried and therefore trawled the net for answers, i saw reference to a McAfee Remover called MCPR.exe (OK i thought windows uninstalled it through reove programs lol) I downloaded this tool and first ran it on my main rig to make sure it was safe etc and then on my new laptop.
    I then read about updating the Samsung M.2 driver, so i went to the Samsung site and saw the driver and it said there was a incompatibility fix for last months windows 10 update (bearing in mind i had just updated to the very latest when i got laptop last week as advised by the shop i bought it from) i downloaded and run the driver and restarted my GL703GS .
    i then went on arma 3 again using just the high settings as i left them on the day before, i played for about 2 hours on a server (not mine) and then it had to restart so i came off and left the laptop running for about an hour whilst tending to something else. I then went on yet another server for 2 hours playing arma 3 with no problems, all in all no BSOD's yesterday at all.
    I was not downloading anything in the background like i was the day before but again, that should not cause a BSOD
    Maybe it was better because i removed completely the McAfee
    More to the point i had installed the latest Samsung driver yesterday, so as the other driver was obviously incompatible as the laptop probably sat in a warehouse for a few weeks etc with the older driver installed. Like another forum member said, once he installed the driver he had no more BSOD's so hopefully i have cracked it.

    Now a question, i want to know which is bloatware on this laptop as i do not want to uninstall the wrong things and cause more problems, do others do this straight away, or do they reinstall windows 10 afresh, i have done this in the past with desktops i have bought or built over the last 28 years and laptops aswell but as this one is a bit finnicky i thought i would explain things so the reader is aware and also similar users may have some advice as to what they did, or did they leave it alone once they installed the driver for the M.2 drive and removed mcafee completely.
    OK i lied lol, i have another question and that is, which and where is the software and drivers i need to backup onto a usb drive.

    I hope someone reads this and can give me a few pointers etc

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    I don't know your laptop but this may help you if you get more BSOD Run as admin with programs and web pages closed, this has saved me more then a few formats over the years ...PS.. For me I remove every hd or ssd to come in my laptops but I have my own win10 install thats how I deal with killing the bloatware and save the ssd or hd to come with the laptop if its ever needed in it again. Most I can think of is closing programs in task manager to see whats safe to remove.

    NOTE = Run command propt as ADMIN for all command lines reboot PC after each line is run.

    sfc /scannow

    Only for windows 8 & windows 8.1and 10
    Reboot PC after you run each command line and close programs and web pages.

    This command line will scan the health of your PC.
    dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth

    This command line will restore the health of your PC and you dont lose anything .
    dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
    If restore heath gave you errors then you can always try this command line.
    dism /online /cleanup-image /startcomponentcleanup

    If you ever get Error 0x800F081F with the restore health scan then run this command line.
    Dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /AnalyzeComponentStore

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    all seems ok

    fan on overboost

    just had 4 hours on arma 3 exile with no problems

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