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    Bring UT back!

    Agreed, still waiting for a worthy reboot or sequel... had a force feedback mouse which worked well with a patch. Played up to Godlike level in certain close quarters maps. There was native support for force feedback in UT 2004 but the colorful graphics made enemies difficult to track. So disapppointed after 2016 revival was abandoned.

    Some notable mentions:
    Star Control II: Super Melee
    Original Prince of Persia
    Original Quake
    Half-Life 2 & Alyx
    Doom 3 & Eternal
    BF 2142
    Age of Empires Series
    Civilization Series
    Tekken 7
    Cyberpunk 2077
    DiRT Series

    Quote Originally Posted by 13oots2 View Post
    Got to be the original Unreal Tournament, belonged to an Anglo Dutch clan back in the day. Am hosting 6 Unreal Tournament servers on my dedicated Linux server.

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    my Favourite game

    Quote Originally Posted by AS185 View Post
    Hey everyone,
    As stated in the title, which are your's?
    First game I played was Contra on Commodore 64 Continued on from there to a PC, I started playing Fifa 97 then C&C: Red Alert, year by year Fifa title's and I met my match with Dead Space, Singularity & DOOM. Those are my top 3 so far
    my all time favourite game is fortnite

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