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    Anyone has the new Alpha board and can comment on issues?

    Hi everyone,

    After battling with problem after problem with my Zenith Extreme board I think I am now at a stage when I have no choice but to replace it with a (hopefully not-beta-for-its-entire-life) Zenith Extreme Alpha board. I managed to get my retailer to agree to take the board back despite it being almost 8 months since I purchased the Zenith Extreme. However, I did notice that the Alpha is now almost $200 CAD more expensive than the Zenith Extreme and looking at a few unboxing videos and reviews, I cannot see why other than "because". The biggest fear that I have is that the board will be the same crappy experience with constant tweaks and adjustments, resets, and config changes, required of the Zenith Extreme in which case I would have spent both time and extra money for now tangible benefit.

    So, my question is, can anyone comment on how well the new board is performing stability-wise compared to the Zenith Extreme? I am primarily concerned around memory compatibility and USB support as those were the two major issues I have, former being the larger of the two.

    Thanks all!

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