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    asus rog x470 f strix ram oc questions

    Hi, Im no expert on overclocking. Ive mostly learned the hard way and usually just from trial and error. So I got a new motherboard (x470 f strix) I got it used but it seems working perfectly (except for the question of this thread).
    -CPU (ryzen 7 2700) oc went fine its on 4.1ghz on 1.385v? (i forgot but should be right) stable no crashes on cinebench/aida64/3dmark firestrike // stock ram speed 2133mhz?
    ***my ram is rated for 3200mhz. gskill tridentz rgb******
    -So I turned on domc?(im assuming its xmp) and it showed that it changed the ram speed to 3200mhz and dram voltage to 1.35000. It would not boot.

    -So i did little increments from stock ram speed and stock voltage. I got to the highest it would let me at 2933?(whatever is before 3000 sry) at 1.305v. I tried 3000mhz with more volts but it just keeps on bsoding.

    -now my question am i missing something here? I usually just turn on xmp profile for ram settings so I have never had this issue. I had a ax370 gigabyte gaming board before this and it was on 3.9ghz /1.305v with xmp1 (3200mhz ram) stable. so i was assuming this board(which is way better than that) can easily do it.

    -I was wondering if im either missing some settings, got a bad board? because when i first got it i had the ram sticks on 2 and 4 and it was giving me ram error beep code. so now its on 1 and 3 and it works fine.

    Im sorry for a lengthy post i just dont know how to shorten it. Thank you for reading hope I can get some help!

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