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    Strix GTX980 Ti Metal Popping sound


    So, I have a computer with one of these cards in it and wondering, before I send it off for repair, if I do have to.

    Here's a video of the problem in question:

    Reason I call it metal popping is because to me it sounds like when a motorbike gets really hot, and you then turn it off, the exhaust starts popping with a very metal(ly) sound, to me it sounds similar to it, just... smaller?

    And another problem has propped up but is very possible that I just didn't pay attention to before.
    In idle, 2 fans are spinning (this could be fixed with some settings) and the last fan periodically starts spinning but when it does, the card starts vibrating, a lot.
    When touching the card you can really feel the vibrations, hell, just touching the case and you can feel it.

    I've never had cards like these so I don't know what's normal and what isn't.

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