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    Load VGA BIOS (SLI 2080TI)

    This board need BIOS UPDATE (my system boot without any problems on single 2080ti but with nvlink sometimes my pc wont boot)

    I dont want to buy new motherboard because asus refuse to fix this crap. Nobody from ASUS ever replay on forums or even look at them. This is disgusting. I did RMA on every single product i have in my pc RAM, PSU, both GPUS. I have tried a Clear CMOS, a BIOS flashback, 3 fresh windows installs. Still the same thing, and it is completely random which makes it a huge pain in the butt to do anything with.

    Motherboard: ROG RAMPAGE VI EXTREME (also RMA-board and received same model with same problem)


    I called Asus support the night before last and the agent told me they were receiving many escalations regarding this 2080 issue and their engineering team is currently working on resolution. The only information they could provide me was it is indeed related to nvlink interface incompatibility with current BIOS/board, and users of the 20xx series GPU's, whether multipgpu or single gpu may face issues and instability until BIOS update is released.

    They also stated there is other issues related to the 20xx series GPU's and screens going black prior to login screen in windows/drive instability with boards at the moment, and this is affecting other boards as well (not just the ZE) and they are working on BIOS updates for these issues too.

    They said to expect BIOS updates "soon" and their L2 teams will keep in touch.

    Seems the NVlink interface, regardless of multigpu or single, is causing issues with ASUS mobos in general for many. I suspect they never really added support for it since it was technically outside the scope of the market these boards were intended for (well, until now).
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