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    Question Zenith Extreme Alpha Hard Shutdown

    I am having issues with my new zenith extreme alpha where the computer will hard shutdown unexpectedly. After shutting down the motherboard will continue to glow but pressing the start button on the motherboard or the front of the case has no effect. To get the computer to restart you have to either pull the atx power connector or toggle the power supply. This has happened a hand full of times now and has only happened when the computer was at idle. Temps are sitting around 32 C so it does not appear to be an overheating issue. Power supply also appears to be outputting correct voltages with the 12v rail sitting at 12.088 volts on average according to HWINFO64. Also should mention this power supply was in previous build without issues and is 1200w which is plenty for my build, kinda of a little overkill . Nothing in the system is overclocked due to the instability, as such everything is at stock values. Computer will sometimes run for 24 hours without issues, and other times will hard shutdown back to back. I would greatly appreciate any advice anyone has because at this point I'm kinda of stuck.

    Build Info:
    Zenith Extreme Alpha
    ThreadRipper 2920x
    Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB DDR4
    Corsair HXi 1200w
    970 Evo 1TB
    WB Blue 1TB
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