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    CLR Cmos working for you? B450/X470

    I want to ask this question, because its the first time for me a motherboard CLR Cmos function is not working properly

    Bios 1103 and 1201 can very easy lock up the motherboard when i am playing with memory overclocking
    This is sometimes resulting in orange light post hang (B450-I, X470)
    Short the CLR Cmos pins, pulling CPU, power and battery have no effect what so over, it will still be stuck on orange light hang
    (the only way to make the board post is to change the installed hardware so the board is forced to recognize new configurations)

    How is this even possible? after all CLR Cmos is CLR Cmos

    It can be an major effort to make the motherboard post normally again

    Sometimes the CLR Cmos is working like it should, but most of the times its not (especially with manual memory overclocking)

    Is this function really clear cmos?
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