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    Lightbulb Zephyrus S --versus-- Strix SCAR II. Which should I buy?

    So These are two that I am looking at:

    Zephyrus S GX531GW-AS76

    Strix SCAR II GL704GW-DS76

    1.) Specs are similar (so it seems to me) same video card, processor, main HDD, etc. Except the SCAR is 17 inch and a second hard drive but i noticed that the SCAR II didn't say the RTX 2070 had "Max-Q design", which I don't even know what that really is other than a slimmer version of the 2070 for thinner laptops.

    2.) I'm looking for other peoples input before I buy. I know other people have these machines or know more about them than I do. Because as it stands right now I am probably going to buy the SCAR II because it is bigger and has an extra HDD. I'm not even sure if the Zephyrus S will come with a socond HDD bay.

    3.) Please correct me if I'm wrong on the spec issue because I can't really see why the Zephyrus S is the same price but smaller and one less HDD.

    Thank you in advance
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    MaxQ is a specification that covers several design choices. You can read more on Nvidia's website. The big takeaways (IMO) are that MaxQ machines will be quieter and perform slightly below the plain vanilla version.

    A larger chassis is generally going to have better cooling than a cramped design. Better cooling means less throttling.
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    Using scar 2 with rtx 2060

    from what i experienced, scar 2 is good , idk how zephyrus s work for the cooling but I've heard they made a good job of it.
    the price difference is because slimmer laptop for now, is a higher market price. (Easier to carry with u)
    and 2 more thing u gonna be careful when u considering to buy scar II.
    - THERE IS NO THUNDER BOLT 3 PORT which mean u cant upgrade your GPU for future use.
    - THIS LAPTOP IS NOT SUPPORTING G-SYNC which im still finding a solution, "can a G-sync monitor somehow support this laptop for the G-SYNC."
    if these 2 will bother u, just choose one with these feature.
    Other than that, this laptop ( scar II ) is a good pick imo

    Hope this will help
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