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    GL504GW Need help on removing and installing keyboard keys

    So *you guys aware that GL504/ GL704 series have transparent WASD keys. Therefore, it's been a year of usage and i did clean my keyboard using wet wipes and it worked, but inside the transparent WASD keys , it is really dirty especially the rubber. So i need a guide on how to remove those keys and installing it back because i can't find any guide on the Internet for this specific model.*
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    Hello VeNoMxCoBrA,
    There are plenty of videos teaching people how to clean the keyboard, you may refer to it
    just need to be careful of the 4 pin/hook on the edge, don't break it.
    If you are worried about breaking the hook, there is something like a small, not electrical, like air spray, gas gun.
    You may use that to clean the keyboard without take off the keys.
    Thank you.

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