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    Angry Asus Rog Strix GL703VM BIOS Password Problem

    Hello i am using Asus Rog Strix GL703VM i set BIOS password for security i am using this password for last few months . but since last few days my laptop was not shutting down due to some windows issue . i tried many thing in windows but nothing helps . i just restarted my laptop entered into BIOS and was checking some settings . also i tried to remove my existing password when i was trying to remove it asked me old password and new password i provided old password and leave blank old password when i clicked submit its says invalid password . i cancelled it and restarted my laptop . once its done restart its asking for password i entred my old password but its not accepting . i tried to leave password field blank and submit but always its says invalid password :

    now situation is i am unable to do anything on this laptop i cant enter to BIOS cant access windows cant access to Boot Menu .

    here is someone can help to remove this password ?

    What i tried

    I downloaded BIOS file renamed it and put into flash drive restart laptop and Press CTRL+HOME but nothing works. when i press ALT + R its ask for recovery password i entered this its also invalid becos it today date when i am unable to access anything how can reset date . should i open laptop and remove CMOS

    or what should i do ?

    please guide me i have manythings in my laptop which i need to give to my client today

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    Angry Problem Solved

    Hello guys i have solved problem by entering

    Power on the ASUS UX32VD and enter BIOS
    At the BIOS password screen press ALT+R
    Note the date displayed on the prompt
    Refer to the list of BIOS recovery codes at the end of this Post
    Enter the recovery code and press Enter
    Wait 30 seconds and power cycle the unit (in my case the unit froze and because the power button was not working required re-seating the battery)
    Enter BIOS without a password
    That’s it! 🙂

    Here’s the full list of BIOS recovery codes.

    Find the matching year a decade ago (e.g. 2018 is 2008) then the the matching date and month (e.g. 2008-10-24), that’s the rescue code!

    * Take care to identify O’s (the letter O) from 0’s (the number zero).

    You can ask me your laptop rescue password by replying my thread

    Note :
    Provide me date appearing on screen

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