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    PC shuts down on Windows -- \

    Hello guys,
    So I recently made a rebuild of my PC after encountering a cooler leak,
    and the PC shuts off right after it already booted and reached Windows Desktop area.

    I also made a liquid metal repaste for CPU and GPU.

    -I am using all old components as they seem to work fine after the leak.
    -All ram sticks register (system still shuts down if i try individual ramsticks)
    -The VGA does the output on the monitor
    -CPU works and the system goes all the way to the Windows desktop.

    Do you guys have any suggestions on why it could be shutting down after all components seem nominal?

    The system would also shut down after around the same amount of time, even if I go to Bios and avoid booting to Windows.

    Any suggestions?
    I tried a new PSU along with new power cables, but there is no difference between what happens. The PSU by the way bore the biggest brunt of liquid soaking into it.

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