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    asus rampage vi extreme ram problem

    Hello all. I'm having an issue with my computer. when I put 4 sticks of ram in for quad channel, the computer will randomly hard lock in stress tests, in games, and sometimes even when doing nothing. It runs fine with any combo of ram sticks ( to rule out a bad stick) with 3 in, but as soon as I put 4- i get hard lock ups. Is this a bad board, or bad ram? what does it sound like is the issue? Thank yoU!

    Update- i just tested all 4 sticks running in all the 4 left slots for quad channel, instead of 2 left and 2 right for quad channel. its running fine now, quad channel- even for stress testing. So it seems maybe the ram is fine. In this case, does it sound like its a CPU issue or a motherboard issue? it seems like any time i put more than 1 stick on the right side in any slot, i have crash issues. I cant get it to run quad channel using 2 left and 2 right. Yes I checked the manual to make sure I get them in the correct slots for 4 way quad.

    thank you for any help !
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